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Discovering Hidden Assets: A Guide to Securing What You’re Owed in Divorce

hidden assets

Divorce can be a messy affair, especially when dealing with high-net-worth individuals. While amicable splits do happen, things often end on a bad term these days. In many instances, we see spouses hiding assets before divorce proceedings to avoid paying out their fair share. But that doesn’t make it any less illegal. And if you […]

Most Frequent Pieces of Divorce Advice

While going through a divorce, a constant stream of advice can be overwhelming. Some of the most common themes include prioritizing self-care and seeking professional help to manage the emotional rollercoaster. Legal and financial guidance are crucial, and if children are involved, minimizing conflict and creating a healthy co-parenting plan is paramount. Remember, knowledge is power – educate yourself on the divorce process to navigate this difficult chapter with greater clarity.

Financial Blunders Women Should Avoid During Divorce

financial blunders

Divorce is like a financial obstacle course: you’re dodging legal fees, juggling assets, and trying not to trip over your own emotions. It’s high-stakes where the wrong move can cost you big time. But by arming yourself with the right knowledge and avoiding some common pitfalls, you can come out the other side with your […]

Kickstarting Your Divorce: Preparation Strategies

When you’re facing a divorce, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the future. However, preparation is crucial to navigating this difficult process with clarity and confidence. Taking the time to get your affairs in order before diving into legal proceedings can make a significant difference in your emotional and financial well-being. Preparing for […]

Losing the Battle to Win the War

Winning isn’t everything in divorce. Sometimes, focusing on minor issues can backfire, making it harder to reach an overall fair settlement. Remember, it’s about “losing the battle to win the war” – prioritizing long-term goals like maintaining a healthy co-parenting relationship over short-term victories.

Building Your Divorce Support Squad

Divorce Support Squad

There’s no easy way of saying this, but the truth is: divorce is HARD. Because let’s be real… going through a divorce can feel like you’re being hit by a truck. It’s a time when you need all the support you can get, and that’s where your squad comes in.It’s not just about splitting up […]

Hiring the Right Attorney

Finding the right attorney is crucial for navigating this challenging chapter. Remember, the ideal attorney is the one who aligns with your specific needs and fosters a sense of confidence throughout the process. Here are Five powerful strategies to ensure you find the right attorney for your needs.

Financial Strategies Post-Divorce Financial Planning: Turning Over a New Leaf

post divorce financial planning

Let’s not sugarcoat it – going through a divorce is TOUGH.  It’s messy, painful, and downright traumatic.  And just when you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel – you realize you now have to untangle years of FINANCIAL baggage left behind from the marriage. Talk about overwhelming. Bills, debts, assets, […]

Once the Dust Settles After the Divorce

Delve into the crucial steps to secure your finances post-divorce. From ensuring your health insurance coverage is seamless to managing changes in income and expenses, we’ll guide you through the top five actions to take. Plus, we’ll offer a bonus tip on prioritizing self-care during this transformative period. Stay tuned for expert insights to help you navigate this fresh start with confidence.