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Top 7 Things You Can Do Now To Improve the Outcome of Your Divorce

Don't Go Through Divorce Alone - Learn the Strategies to Secure Your Future

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Ready to take control and improve the outcome of your divorce?

Webinar Details

This webinar, led by Beth Kraszewski, focuses on empowering individuals going through divorce to make informed and strategic decisions.

We will explore 7 key things that can have a tremendous impact on the outcome of your divorce.

These strategies can make all the difference in the world – becoming empowered is the key to making sure you come out of this divorce in the best possible position.

The webinar covers seven key ideas:

Setting Clear Objectives

Encourages participants to define their top three priorities early in the divorce process to stay focused on what matters most and avoid unnecessary disputes.

Picking Your Battles... Wisely

Advises making informed financial decisions by looking at the bigger picture and not getting stuck in minor disputes.

Understanding Your Financial Situation

Stresses the importance of comprehending one's financial status by gathering and reviewing financial documents to make confident decisions.

Understanding Spousal Support and Child Support

Provides insights into the factors influencing spousal and child support payments and the importance of getting a fair outcome in these areas.

Dividing Marital Assets

Discusses the challenges and processes involved in dividing assets like real estate, investments, retirement accounts, and debts, emphasizing the need for a fair and tax-efficient division.

Understanding the Impact of Taxes

Explains the varying tax treatments of different assets and how to make tax-smart decisions during divorce settlements.

Understand the Reality of Your Settlement before you Sign It

Encourages participants not to rush into signing divorce agreements but to analyze how the terms will affect their future financial security with the help of a financial planner or Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.
Overall, the webinar aims to help individuals make informed and empowered decisions during their divorce process, emphasizing the importance of professional advice and guidance for a secure financial future.

Meet your webinar host… 

Beth Kraszewski

PresidentWealth Manager
Certified Financial Planner®

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Empowered Divorce Planning Guide

While participating in the webinar, we strongly encourage you to utilize the 'Empowered Divorce Planning' guide.

It is designed to break down key topics we'll cover, providing actionable steps to empower you in the right direction for your divorce journey.

It can be a potent tool to set you on the path to success.