I know the title of this blog alone can cause anxiety and stress. It can be overwhelming to meet with the attorney for the first time. There can also be a large dose of reality that occurs by walking into the attorney office for the first time.

My experience with divorce attorneys is that they are usually good people who want the best for their clients. They are both technically astute as well as emotionally astute as they are guiding their clients through what is likely the most stressful time of their lives. Even knowing all of this, the first meeting can be intimidating.

There are ways you can prepare for the meeting to make the meeting efficient and productive. The bottom line is that you do not want to waste money on hourly attorney fees. The more you can stay on task during the meeting, the more you can reduce your fees.

Create a list of your assets, debts, and income. This sounds simple but it can take quite a bit of work if you have not been involved in the finances prior to the divorce. If you want help with this, I offer our free Empowered Divorce Planning Guide at the end of the blog. This guide provides tips and tricks to work through this process.

Create a martial history document. Excel works well for this. In one column you can list the date and in the other column you can list the event. You will want to list things such as your date of marriage, birthdates for any children, dates of any moves to other homes, purchases of properties, starting or quitting jobs, etc. This is a great document to hand to the attorney that will quickly give them an overview of the most important events during your marriage.

Please be aware of going off on tangents. Again, most attorneys bill hourly and you want to stick to the important information as much as possible and avoid extra conversations. I understand there is a lot to process during a divorce but usually a close friend is a better person to discuss some issues with

I invite you to click the link below and we will send you our free Empowered Divorce Guide. This is a workbook that will guide you through this process as well as two other vital steps to prepare for divorce.

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If you are feeling overwhelmed and would like to discuss these matters with a professional, we offer a free 30-minute call to walk you through the guide and answer your questions.

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