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Planning After a Loss

Life is predictably unpredictable and messy. We love a good mess.

If you’ve lost your spouse or partner and feel paralyzed, we’re here to guide you.
If you’ve got a box, a drawer, or a laundry basket where you both used to throw all the papers you didn’t want to deal with, no problem, we love dealing with whatever you don’t.

We’ve done a lot of thinking and problem-solving for people in your position who discovered that despite their loss, in one significant way, they weren’t alone.

We are a team of organized and practical forward-thinkers that derive great pleasure from wading into life’s chaos and making positive sense of it.

Losing a spouse is devastating. We’re here to listen, to hold your hand, and to help you sort through all your financial burdens so that you can focus on grieving and healing.

- Chris Pavel

Client Journey

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Identify urgent financial items that need to be resolved

Gain understanding for your current financial situation

Strive to make the right, informed financial decisions to help ensure your financial future

Pursue the path for a stable financial future

Let us walk with you through this difficult time.