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Beth Kraszewski named as Top Best-in-State Woman Wealth Advisor by Forbes

Planning for Divorce

Divorce is far too consequential for guesswork.

Wherever you are in the process, we’ll work closely with you to help you operate from a position of greater knowledge, strength, and confidence.

We’ll also work closely with your other dedicated professionals — divorce attorneys, mediators, estate attorneys, accountants — to arrive at the comprehensive solutions.

There is no perfect divorce.​

Even the most amicable have money at stake. And statistically, women are the ones who lose1. We’re changing those statistics every day by guiding women in their financial decisions before, during, and after divorce.

Pre-Divorce Planning

You haven't filed yet, but it’s not too soon to start planning...

If the only thing scarier than getting divorced is staying married yet you can’t stop wondering – Am I going to be ok? – we should talk.
If uncertainty around the finances stops you from filing though everything else tells you you should, we can help.

Planning is always advantageous.

Planning for divorce — establishing your goals and putting a series of if/then equations in place to help meet them — gives you your best shot at a strong outcome.

You have a right to feel good about your finances after divorce.

- Beth Kraszewski

Mid-Divorce Planning

So you’ve already filed for divorce...

If you’d rather not guess if the 50/50 settlement on the table can offer you the financial health and well-being you deserve, ask us.
If you’re afraid that signing your divorce agreement might result in a binding mistake that could ruin your financial future, we need to talk.

Beth Kraszewski's and Morgan Ziegler's CDFA/Certified Divorce Financial Analyst designation means they are both uniquely qualified to manage the projections so you have a clear concept of the financial ramifications of decisions you need to make. Then they’ll give you an idea of how you can invest your settlement to help make your post-divorce vision a reality.

Divorce is hard enough. You shouldn’t have to live with bad decisions for the rest of your life.

- Beth Kraszewski

Post-Divorce Planning

You just signed your divorce papers.
But do you feel confident moving forward with your life?

If you’re not sure how or if your assets and income will provide for the lifestyle you want to sustain for the rest of your life, let’s talk.
If you haven’t filed an individual tax return for more than 20 years and aren’t sure where to begin, we can help.

Do yourself a favor:

Take a deep breath and take a break from making any more big decisions. Know that with few exceptions, if you stay on the path we lay out together, you will be happier and more confident in the future than you imagine. We’re here to help you get there!

Client Journey

Click to discover Empowered Divorce Planning in 4 Steps
Create a vision for your life after divorce
Gain an understanding of your current financial situation

Strive to make the right, informed financial decisions during your divorce

Pursue the path for your post-divorce future… it might be  better than when you were married.

Knowledge is Power:

In our webinar led by Beth Kraszewski, Top 7 Things You Can Do Now To Improve the Outcome of Your Divorce, we delve into elements that can significantly influence the trajectory of your divorce proceedings.

Implementing these strategies can be transformative, ensuring that empowerment becomes the cornerstone of securing the most favorable position as you navigate through the divorce process.

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